Types of interview

Exit Interview - Performed at the end of employment; appropriately named the exit interview. Not all companies perform exit interviews on former employees.

Lunch Interview - An interview around a meal is not an unheard of interviewing technique.

Panel Interview - Much like a phone interview, panel interviews are popular because interviewing procedures are modified so those involved in the hiring decision can meet, question, and later discuss each candidate.

Phone Interview - Partaking in a phone interview seems to take pressure off the interviewing process, however, it does not.

Tip on Effective Preparation Featuring Good Job Interview Questions and Answers

No matter how experienced and skilled you are, your career progression depends largely on how you handle and answer job interview questions. While some interview questions may appear overly direct, the intention nevertheless is always the same. Irrespective of how they might phrase questions, interviewers simply want to find out if you are really the best candidate for the job.

Persuading the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the job will require knowledge of types of commonly asked questions, the reason behind them, and dealing with them effectively with appropriate answers. Here, we take a look at some typical questions along with appropriate answers for securing jobs.

Tell me about yourself
Very common opening question. This is your opportunity to positively introduce yourself. Focus on your career history, mention previous jobs, qualifications, skills and achievements.
Tell me about your main strengths
Focus on your skills, experience and other positive contributions you can bring to the job and the company.
What are your weaknesses?
Try to turn this type of question to your advantage. Be brief and focus on work related issues. Highlight a trait which the interviewer will perceive as strength. For example, your unusually keen attention to precise details and regular habit of expecting the same from colleagues.
Why did you apply for the job?
Ideally this answer ought to be along the lines that the job offers an opportunity for career progression and new challenges. Also highlight skills and experience you can offer the company. By researching the company, show your knowledge, perhaps adding how much you would like to work for them because of their corporate philosophy, organizational structure etc. This will impress the interviewer.
Why do you want to leave your current employment?
Take care not to personalize any grievance. Be professional and explain candidly along the lines that you are simply furthering your career for greater challenges and professional attainment.
Tell me What you know about our company
This is where prior research of potential employers bears fruit. This is an excellent opportunity to show you are keen about the job and the company. See our section on researching employers.
Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Here the interviewer really wants to know how the company can benefit from the plans you have for yourself. Mention your desire for career advancement, taking on new challenges and greater responsibility.

Better performance at Interviews
1>>> Tread softly on the amount of personal information you divulge to the secretary, interviewer, or any other member of the company.

2>>> Focus on and avoid personal habits, such as biting nails, tapping of feet, and twitching. Avoid habits that can reflect negatively on your candidacy.

3>>> Utilize the interviewer's name, if possible. For example:"Good morning, Mr. Blake." Look Mr. Blake in the eyes when speaking to him, or listening to him as well.

4>>> Concentrate on posture, and how your legs are crossed. If you're leaning forward, you may look eager and possibly unprofessional.

Connect with the interviewer by asking about the company's needs, identifying  challenges and by providing answers specifically focused towards those needs and challenges.

6>>> Interviewers often interview candidates who go out of their way to impress, appearing "artificial." Don't be one of those people.

7>>> Listen, relax, and provide targeted answers ... don't babble.

8>>> Speak calmly and take your time thinking about and answering questions.


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